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Thinking ahead

Sacha Chua has written a great post about what she wants to learn as part of her professional and social life.  How often to any of us stop to really think about this – and then make plans for it to happen? Do we really need to?

Many people think about ePortfolios as pictures of the past – snapshots of the ‘best bits’ that you want others to see so that they’ll give you a job, a promotion, a pay rise. But there’s another view that sees portfolios as a tool to support the lifelong learning process – a space where you can think about the future as well as reflect on the past. A space where you can develop the skills to grow and change, and to continue to learn not only as part of formal education but also as part of your working life. So, if you take on that view, then thinking (and writing down) what you want for the future is absolutely part of what an ePortfolio should be all about.

BTW, Sacha has completed a masters degree but has moved away from academia into a position at IBM. Her blog is a place where she can share what she learns, networks and keeps on track of everything that’s happening in her life. It’s a great example of a blog-based ePortfolio – and it works. She cites it as the main reason she gained her current job! Here’s her approach in a nutshell – and where it has taken her:

Not bad.

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